Mark and Aggie Graham
April 24, 2015

"When it came time to have our Fountain Hills home painted, we of course received quotes from a number of contractors, but Double D Services was our choice. Not only was your price very competitive, your manner of dealing with us made us feel confident you would perform the job with care, quality and professionalism, and we were right! You exceeded our expectations and over delivered on all aspects of the work preformed and customer service. The paint job was done quickly, expertly, and with a great deal of care in quality and the cleanup each day was meticulous. Congratulations on the terrific company you have built and thank you for the wonderful experience."

Exteriors, Perimeter Walls, Club & Gate Houses

What does a homeowner, property manager and HOA want when they need to have their community repainted? They are typically looking for the big three: quality workmanship, reasonable price and impeccable customer service. From the bid quote to notifications to the homeowners and implementation, Double D provides a highly professional and tailored service to their clients and staff, allowing us to focus on the work at hand.


Multi-Home/HOA Project Management

  • Lines of communication readily established to exchange crucial information and planning between the HOA board, property management company, Double D and all other parties involved in the service process, such as landscapers
  • Notification via door hangers, newsletters, emails and follow-up phone calls by Double D to ensure trouble-free implementation
  • Flexibility in scheduling and special requests are always taken into account
  • Weekly reports to the HOA and Property Management as to project progress

Multi-Home/HOA Services:

  • Building exteriors
  • Interiors and hallways
  • Common areas
  • Fencing and perimeter walls
  • All paint product brands specified