Mark and Aggie Graham
April 24, 2015

"When it came time to have our Fountain Hills home painted, we of course received quotes from a number of contractors, but Double D Services was our choice. Not only was your price very competitive, your manner of dealing with us made us feel confident you would perform the job with care, quality and professionalism, and we were right! You exceeded our expectations and over delivered on all aspects of the work preformed and customer service. The paint job was done quickly, expertly, and with a great deal of care in quality and the cleanup each day was meticulous. Congratulations on the terrific company you have built and thank you for the wonderful experience."

Interiors & Exteriors

Whether you are giving your home a much-needed makeover, or you’ve decided it’s time for a change, the team at Double D Services are experts at interior and exterior home painting. Our full-time employed staff is made up of skilled professionals that consistently get the highest marks from each and every customer we service. If we didn’t do a good job, we wouldn’t be in business. Double D relies on life-long customers and referrals to grow their business.


Residential Interior Painting

  • Staff is courteous and come in clean work attire
  • Staff speaks English and are experienced employees of Double D
  • All flooring is protected with heavy-duty plastic
  • All non-painted surfaces and objects are covered and masked
  • All switch plates and outlets are removed, not just masked
  • All holes and cracks are filled as part of any preparation
  • Every home is left clean at the end of each working day

Residential Exterior Painting

  • Each home is washed down to remove dust, dirt and debris
  • All cracks and holes are filled with elastomeric
  • Windows, doors, patios and walkways are covered for protection
  • Decorative rocks are pulled back from home and wall is painted below grade
  • Use paint designed for exterior garage doors, front and exterior doors in addition to paint used for exterior stucco